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MobileRealtorQR.com is the real estate industry's leading software company for implementing mobile QSites® for Realtors. Most real estate site listings are terrific if your client is at home perched in front of their desktop computer looking at MLS listings − but for the on−the−go mobile buyer who is in front of your listing and interested − you need MobileRealtorQR.com. No more old fashioned mobile websites with clunky buttons and still photos! With MobileRealtorQR.com your listing is up and ready for mobile viewing within minutes! Your picture, your words, all linked to your Facebook, Twitter, phone, email information… and … hold on to your welcome mat − VIDEO! All of this is personalized and managed by you. Updates are active immediately which is essential for today's information craving public. Your MobileRealtorQR listing sign instantly takes any prospects to your personalized QSite, revealing listing information, photos and video, all while you capture great analytics.
To create your MobileRealtorQR QSite, pay a one-time License Fee of $499.00. This includes: unlimited private label QSites, secure access, unlimited customer service and support calls, 3 free MobileRealtorQR rider signs, plus 60 days FREE. After that, choose your monthly membership plan: $175.00 each month or $450.00 for three months (you save $75.00!).
If you are a title or realty company interested in getting all your agents signed up, please contact us today for a group licensing agreement.
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